Fun-Size Folk

If you’re a subscriber to the podcast (and if you aren’t, why aren’t you?), then you may have noticed a change to the release schedule this week. Up until now, I’ve been releasing 30-40 minute episodes every 2 weeks. But suddenly the shows are shorter and more frequent. What up wid dat?

It’s a new little sumpin-sumpin I’m calling the Fun-Size episodes, named after the mini-candy bars one tends to get in one’s Halloween bag. My September is booked tighter than usual with opportunities to collect more music and interviews for the ‘cast, which means less time to sit down for hours and produce a carefully crafted, thematically linked episode. Fun-Size shows are one-song specials, and I can get them done much more quickly. I’ll be releasing two a week, Mondays and Thursdays, until the end of October.

Originally, this was just going to be a stopgap measure, but I’ve gotten enough positive feedback on the Fun-Size format already that I think I’ll keep it around. Maybe I’ll release full-size and Fun-Size on alternate weeks? What do you think?

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