Episode 5: The Wisdom of Wilcox

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This is the second half of the interview between pianist-songwriter¬†Allie Farris and former A&M artist and relentless seeker¬†David Wilcox. (Part 1 is in Episode 4.) David’s views on the personal journey of songwriting and the importance of listening to your inner truth are particularly poignant after the sudden death of Amy Winehouse.

I play several fragments and songs of Dave’s through the course of this show, and you can hear them complete and buy your own copies through the following links:

Next episode in two weeks on Monday, August 22. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Episode 5: The Wisdom of Wilcox

  1. More great stuff! I think Wilcox has either studied some Buddhist teachings or perhaps found another way towards those same sorts of counter-intuitive truths.

    It’s like a version of that old Carnegie Hall joke:

    Q: “How can I be successful / be happy / stop suffering?”

    A: “Practice, practice, practice…”

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