Episode 6: I’m With Stupid

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John Voorhees talks with Ken Gaines about the origins of Camp Stupid at the Kerrville Folk Festival and how to know folk music when you hear it. Plus, tunes from Gary Sapone, Hans York, Val D’Alessio and Dave Tinder.

Here are the websites of this episode’s featured artists:

The only incidental music in this episode is Asking For Trouble from the album Asking For Trouble by John Voorhees.


David Wilcox interview transcript : Part 2

This is the transcript for the interview in Episode 5. If you listen at the same time you read, you may notice a few minor differences. That’s because I did a little editing to make the audio flow better. You’re welcome.

– John

DW: And so, what else are you afraid of?

AF: Well, I wanted to ask, when you were my age, when you were starting out, at some point when you had this life, this street-performing life, you were traveling and playing for anyone who would listen, did you ever find someone that served as a mentor or to guide you?

DW: Yes! There were thousands. And most of them were not musicians.

AF: Okay.

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Episode 5: The Wisdom of Wilcox

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This is the second half of the interview between pianist-songwriter Allie Farris and former A&M artist and relentless seeker David Wilcox. (Part 1 is in Episode 4.) David’s views on the personal journey of songwriting and the importance of listening to your inner truth are particularly poignant after the sudden death of Amy Winehouse.

I play several fragments and songs of Dave’s through the course of this show, and you can hear them complete and buy your own copies through the following links:

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