Episode 6: I’m With Stupid

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John Voorhees talks with Ken Gaines about the origins of Camp Stupid at the Kerrville Folk Festival and how to know folk music when you hear it. Plus, tunes from Gary Sapone, Hans York, Val D’Alessio and Dave Tinder.

Here are the websites of this episode’s featured artists:

The only incidental music in this episode is Asking For Trouble from the album Asking For Trouble by John Voorhees.


Episode 2: Collegiality

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In this episode, we hear the first half of a chat with the 2011 finalists of Kerrville Folk Festival’s University Songwriters competition. Plus, there’s tunes under the Camp Stupid tent from Phil Lancaster, Julie Bonk and Hans York.

Want to hear more of the University Songwriters Finalists?

Check back in two weeks and you’ll hear part two of the University Songwriters circle, featuring songs from Myles Duelm of Texas State and Pete Okie Weiss of UT.

Here are the websites of this episode’s featured artists:

Incidental music:

Episode 3 will be available Monday July 11, and will feature part 2 of John’s conversation with the Kerrville Folk Festival University Songwriters finalists. And just to tease, episode 4 will include an interview with a highly famous folk musician! Stay tuned.